Casablanca Airport Arrivals (CMN)

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Origin Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est./Actual Status
Lisbon (LIS) TAP Express TP1438 (4) 04:00 Scheduled
Lisbon (LIS) Air Canada AC2649 04:00 Scheduled
Lisbon (LIS) Azores Airlines S48374 04:00 Scheduled
Lisbon (LIS) Capital Airlines JD5418 04:00 Scheduled
Lisbon (LIS) Emirates EK4864 04:00 Scheduled
Bordeaux (BOD) Royal Air Maroc AT793 04:20 Scheduled
Malaga (AGP) Air Arabia 3O386 06:10 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Air France AF1196 (2) 06:15 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Delta Air Lines DL8435 06:15 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) KLM KL2042 06:15 Scheduled
Jeddah (JED) flynas XY663 06:30 Scheduled
Paris (ORY) Transavia TO3068 06:30 Scheduled
Florence (FLR) VistaJet VJT592 06:43 Scheduled
Paris (ORY) Royal Air Maroc AT765 07:35 Scheduled
London (LGW) Royal Air Maroc AT803 07:40 Scheduled
Malaga (AGP) Royal Air Maroc Express AT985 (2) 07:45 Scheduled
Malaga (AGP) Iberia IB1807 07:45 Scheduled
Malaga (AGP) Qatar Airways QR4584 07:45 Scheduled
Geneva (GVA) Royal Air Maroc AT931 07:50 Scheduled

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Flight Arrivals at Casablanca Airport

Casablanca Airport (CMN) has two passenger terminals, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Terminal 1 serves domestic flights as well as international flights while Terminal 2 serves international flights primarily operated by Royal Air Maroc.

On this page, we have listed services and amenities available in the two terminals. We have also listed brief information about transfer options from the airport at the end.

Terminal 1 at Casablanca Airport

This terminal is divided into 3 levels, basement level, ground level, and first level. On the basement level we found the airport train station. The arrivals level, including the baggage claim area, is located on the ground level. The departure area is located on the first level.

Terminal 2 at Casablanca Airport

The terminal is divided into two levels, ground level and first level. The arrivals area, including the baggage claim area, and access to transportation options are located on the ground level. The departure area is located on the first level.

Terminal Inter-connection at Casablanca Airport

The two terminals are located next to each other and they are connected.

Tourism Office at Casablanca Airport

A Tourism Office is available in Terminal 1’s Arrivals area, located on level 0. Tourists can find necessary touristic information at the Tourist Office.

Smoking at Casablanca Airport

Smoking is allowed in the dedicated smoking areas located outside the terminals. There is information from 2019 saying that there are smoking lounges available on the secure side/airside in both terminals. This is subject to change.

Transit Hotel at Casablanca Airport

The Transit Hotel is located in Terminal 2 and it is exclusively used by transit passengers.

WiFi at Casablanca Airport

Casablanca Airport offers WiFi access to their visitors for internet connection via smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Medical Assistance at Casablanca Airport

Emergency Medical Assistance is available 24/7, including a doctor and a nurse, with equipment to provide first aid when necessary.

Baggage Trolleys at Casablanca Airport

Baggage trolleys are available in the parking area as well as in the baggage claim area.

Baggage Carriers at Casablanca Airport

Baggage carrier service is available for the current price of 20 DH (price is subject to change without prior notice).

Prayer Rooms at Casablanca Airport

Prayers rooms can be found in the Public Hall as well as in the Boarding area of both terminals.

Information Points at Casablanca Airport

Hostesses and information officers that are happy to provide travelers with information and guidance are found in the Public Hall, as well as in the customs controlled zones of the Departures and the Arrivals area.

Terminal 1 Services, Casablanca Airport

Banking and Currency Exchange at Casablanca Airport, Terminal 1

Several options are available for banking services and currency exchange. In Terminal 1 they are located in the Public Hall and include Al Barid Bank, Attijariwafa Bank, Banque Centrale Populaire, BMCE Bank, Global Exchange Foreign Exchange Maroc, Unicambio, and WafaCash.

Duty Free Shops at Casablanca Airport, Terminal 1

The Duty Free Shops are located in the boarding area, but there is now also a store located in the baggage claim area.

Shopping at Casablanca Airport, Terminal 1

Several shops are available in the customs controlled area of the airport, as well as a Hudson in the Public Hall. Other than the International Duty Free Shops there is also Maymana Traiteur, Sud Bio, Tresors el Mamoune, Swiss Arabian, Duftry Maroc, and Stand Mobile Outfitters. There is also a Hudson in the customs controlled area.

Food and Beverages at Casablanca Airport, Terminal 1

There are two establishments offering food and beverages located in the terminal’s Public Hall, Pizza Square and Venezia Ice.

Food and beverage establishments located in the secure area, once through the security control, include Venezia Ice, Starbucks Coffee, Paul, Café Bianca, La Table du Marche, and Matsuri.

Lounges at Casablanca Airport, Terminal 1

Terminal 1 offers two Lounges, the Pearl Lounge and the Royal Air Maroc the Casablanca Lounge.

The Pear Lounge is open to everyone for an entrance fee. It offers beverages, conference rooms, a children’s play area, a games room, a TV, WiFi, work stations, newspapers and magazines, and more, as well as disabled access. It is open 24/7.

The Royal Air Maroc the Casablanca Lounge is also open 24/7, but only for passengers of Royal Air Maroc that are eligible. They offer snacks, premium food, telephones, newspapers and magazines, WiFi, TV, and more.

Terminal 2 Services, Casablanca Airport

Banking and Currency Exchange at Casablanca Airport, Terminal 2

Banking and Currency Exchange service in Terminal 2 can be found as follows:

Bank                                                        Location

Al Barid Bank                                            Public Hall

Attijari Wafabank                                       Public Hall

Banque Centrae Populaire                          Public Hall

BMCE Bank                                               Public Hall/Sous Douane

Global Blue Maroc                                      Public Hall

Global Exchange Foreign Exchange Maroc    Public Hall/Sous Douane

Wafa Cash                                                 Public Hall

Duty Free Shops at Casablanca Airport, Terminal 2

Duty Free shops can be found in the baggage claim area as well as in the boarding area.

Shopping at Casablanca Airport, Terminal 2

Terminal 2 offers quite a few shops to travelers, located on the secure air side after the security control has been cleared. There is also a Kiosque Journaux to be found in the Public Hall. Shops located on the secure side include Hudson, Diamantine, Lacoste, Gauthiera, Fantasia Cuir, Tresors el Mamoune, Sud Bio, Maymana Traiteur, Kounouz el Yazmine, Hiba Ouroud, and Dufry Marc, as well as already mentioned International Duty Free Shops.

Food and Beverage at Casablanca Airport, Terminal 2

There are many establishments serving food and beverages of various kinds available at the airport. Some are located in the Public Hall and some are located in the customs bonded area once through the security control.

Public Hall – In the Public Hall we find M. Brochette, Daily Break, Newrest Maroc Services, Sky Café, Sky Shop, Tookies, and Venezia Ice.

Airside – In the secure area we find Pomme de Pain, Medina, Illy, La Table du Marche, La Pausa, Caffricio, Starbucks Coffee, Venezia Ice, and M. Brochette.

Lounges at Casablanca Airport, Terminal 2

Terminal 2 has 4 lounges, 2 Royal Air Maroc lounges – Le Zenith I Lounge, and Le Zenith II Lounge – and 2 Pearl Lounges – Convives de Marque Arrivals Lounge and Convives de Marque Departures Lounge. They all offer premium services. Most are open 24/7.

The Convives de Marque Arrivals Lounge is located on the landside.

Arrivals Transfers at Casablanca Airport

Rental Cars – Car rental companies are located in and around Terminal 1 for the most part. For information about the exact location, please check with your preferred vendor. It is recommended to book before arriving at the airport. See and compare all rental car companies at Casablanca Airport.

Buses – No public bus transfer is available from the airport.

Taxis – Taxis come in two types, Grand and Petit. The Grand taxi is larger and departs towards the destination when it is full. It stops at predetermined stops, like a bus. It is available downtown as well as other destinations. The Petit taxi is a regular taxi that takes up to four passengers and travels to the address requested. Taxi ranks are located outside the terminals arrivals area. See more information about taxis at Casablanca Airport.

Cash is the payment method to go with.

Trains – Direct trains to Casablanca city center are available from the airport’s train station located on the basement level of Terminal 1.

Tickets can be purchased, using cash, from a ticket booth or a ticket machine located in the Airport Train Station. More information about train services near Casablanca Airport.

Trains run from the earliest morning hours to late in the evening with departures once every hour.

Hotel Shuttles – This transfer option is organized by the hotels and are exclusively for the specific hotel’s guests. Not all hotels offer this service. Some accommodations charge an additional fee for the service while other accommodations offer the service free of charge.

Private Shuttles – A private shuttle is a transfer option organized by a private transfer company. The transfer has to be requested in advance by the traveler or their representative.

Ride Shares – This is an option that is available, but not recommended. This is requested through the RideShare company’s smartphone application. At Casablanca Airport the option available is Uber.

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