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Casablanca Airport Train Transfers

One of the options of transfer between Casablanca Airport and the city of Casablanca is by train, but before proceeding to locate the train station, please make sure to collect your luggage from the baggage claim area. Other transfer options that are available for transferring from or to the airport include rental cars, taxis, hotel shuttles, private shuttles, as well as ride shares.

Trains at Casablanca Airport

The Casablanca Airport train station is located in the Arrivals area on level -1 in the airport’s Terminal 1. Tickets for the train can be purchased at the train station in either booths or ticket machines and it is not possible to purchase any tickets beforehand.

The fare for a single second class ticket from the airport to Casablanca is around 60 DH, while the fare for a first class ticket will be somewhat more expensive but not much more. Children under the age of four travel free of charge while children between the ages of four and 12 are charged a discounted fare.

There are four train stations connected to the airport, Ain Sebaa, Casa Port, Casa Voyageurs, and Oasis. All four stations are located in different areas of Casablanca making it easy to transfer to the desired area of the city, although the city is big so the train station that is closest to the accommodation might still be quite a distance away.

Casa Voyageurs is the most central of the train stations. Trains run from very early morning to late evening and are scheduled to depart once an hour, in either direction. The journey time is approximately 45 minutes and it is good to know that delays are common. Make sure to choose a train that leaves earlier rather than later when transferring to the airport for your departure flight.

Trains are operated by the national rail network, ONCF.

Trains in Morocco

If the intention is to transfer to a different train route to travel to other Moroccan cities such as Marrakech, Tangier, Rabat, Oujda, Fes and more then you are most likely best off heading to Casa Voyageurs station.

Tickets for these trains in Morocco cannot be purchased from outside the country, they can only be purchased in person directly at a train station.

Trains are divided into compartments with First class compartments seating 6 passengers and Second class compartments seating 8 passengers. The First class ticket allows for a seat reservation, but the trains are usually not full so even if the system without a seat reservation is first come first serve it will still be a comfortable ride.

Ticket fares are reasonably priced for both Second and First class travels and can only be purchased in cash.

While most trains have refreshment carts coming through the train offering drinks, sandwiches and snacks. However, if you are traveling during Ramadan you will have to bring our own food and water as there won’t be any refreshments sold. If you find that someone in your compartment didn’t bring any food or water, and they are not practicing Ramadan, be kind and share what you have when possible.

It will take several hours to travel to most other cities from Casablanca, although there are also speed trains available that are quicker to destinations such as Tangier. Make sure to get comfortable, but be respectful to your fellow travelers and respect the local rules and laws of public affection if traveling with a partner. Holding hands is ok, kissing and hugging is not fully accepted.

It is recommended to know your approximate time of arrival at your destination as it is hard to hear the announcements through the train speakers and the train stations are often not very well signed, which can make it a bit confusing and stressful when not knowing when to arrive.

As travelers arrive at their destination train station they will likely be approached by various guides that are not official guides. These might try to get you to believe that your hotel is full or that they can help you in one way or another. Stick to your original plan, but make sure to be polite and firm while doing so. There are many scams going around so it is important to be mindful, but to also remember that everyone is also human and they are doing what they can to survive.

Train stations in Morocco are referred to as “la gare”.