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When arriving at Casablanca Airport (CMN), Morocco, please make sure to collect your entire luggage from the baggage claim area before proceeding to exit the arrivals hall to locate the transfer option of choice. Transfer options that are available from the airport include rental cars, taxis, and shuttles. There is no public transportation bus option available for the transfer from or to the airport.

Hotel Shuttles at Casablanca Airport

It is quite common that hotels in the Casablanca area offer an airport shuttle service to their guests for the transfer between Casablanca Airport and the accommodation. These transfers are organized by the hotel and usually the guest/traveler has to request the transfer in advance. An additional charge is often applied for the service, but sometimes the accommodation offers it free of charge. Check with your chosen hotel for information on how to request and book the service, if there is an additional charge to it, and if they at all offer it.

Other Means of Transfer from Casablanca Airport

Rental Cars – One of the most common options of transfer from Casablanca Airport is to hire a rental car. Several car rental companies can be found at the airport and most of them are located right around the terminal building, or even inside the terminal. It is usually better to book and choose your rental vehicle before arriving at the airport to make sure there is one available and to make sure the desired vehicle is available. Always check for any damage on the vehicle before driving off, and that any damage is documented so it is clear you didn’t cause it upon the return of the rented car. For more information about rental cars at Casablanca Airport, please check here.

Taxis – The taxi ranks are located outside the airport’s arrivals area, on level 0, and they are available at all times.

There are two types of taxis available at the airport, Grand taxis and Petit taxis. The official taxis are white and it is recommended to only use the official taxis.

Grand taxis are a large sedan which travels a specific route to downtown and to other cities, kind of like a bus, once the vehicle is full. It is a good option if time is not sensitive and the traveler doesn’t have large luggage, but it is not recommended when wanting to get to their destination quickly or when having large luggage.

Petit taxis are normal taxis for four passengers that travel on route.

Journey time to central Casablanca is 45 minutes and will cost around 300 DH. It is possible to transfer to other destinations in Morocco using a taxi. Fares are subject to authorization and have been agreed upon by the local council.

For more information about taxis at Casablanca Airport, please visit this page.

Shared Rides – Uber is available at the airport, it is however recommended to use official taxis.

Private Shuttles – It is possible to transfer from or to the airport using private shuttle transfers. These are offered by private companies and are requested by the traveler directly through the transfer company.

Trains – Another popular option for transferring from the airport is the public transportation train. This option is especially popular for those going to Casablanca as it offers a direct connection with the city’s center. There are four stops along the way and it is possible to transfer to other destinations through one or more of these stops. The airport train station is located in the arrivals area. Tickets can be purchased at the train station in booths or ticket machines. Trains run from around 3 in the morning to around 10 in the evening. Travel time to the center is 45 minutes. Delays are normal. For more information about train transfer from Casablanca Airport, please check here. Additional information about train services near Casablanca Airport.